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Group Environmental Policy

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Grundfos operates at all times and in all places to maximize the positive impact and minimize the negative impact of our business.

In other words, sustainability and responsibility are integral to our way of doing business. Below, you can find a number of examples of how we are working to be responsible and stay sustainable.


Optimized working environment

Grundfos will contribute openly and actively to the improvement of the internal as well as the external environment and work proactively to maximize health and safety standards in the workplace.

Staying ahead of environmental legislation
Grundfos complies with all national and international environmental requirements as a minimum. Our efforts within this field will primarily be preventive. In all production companies, we will achieve the relevant environmental management certification.

Investing in sustainability
Within financially justifiable limits, Grundfos will continue to develop new products and processes to minimize the environmental strain and reduce the consumption of resources throughout the Grundfos Group.

The environmental strain throughout the entire life of each product (the lifecycle energy efficiency) must be assessed and reported. Where possible, products will be designed so that they can be re-used, or recycled. Eventual safe disposal of product and packaging will also be considered and addressed during the design phase of each new product.

Taking responsibility for outdated or unserviceable pumps
Grundfos service departments will receive or repair old or unserviceable pumps or advise on appropriate disposal options.

Dispose of our own assets responsibly
Grundfos will dispose of its own assets so as to minimize any potential negative eco impact.

As green as we can be, wherever we can
The eco impact of our activities is considered at all times. Grundfos will employ the most energy efficient technology and cleanest manufacturing methods whenever financially and technically possible.

High standards of corporate social responsibility in our business partners
Group purchases will be based on partnerships characterized by high ethics and the greatest possible consideration for the environment.

Buildings, plants and technical equipment must be maintained to a high standard of safety and environmentally sound materials must be used. Contractors working at Group construction sites are subject to the same working environment requirements as the Group's own employees.

Encouraging eco thinking
Through education and information, the Group will motivate employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to become environmentally conscious.

Using the same material again and again and again...

The world needs us to act, not just to think about it
When it comes to the environment, good intentions are not enough - actions are really all that count. We believe that recycling is absolutely crucial and therefore we act accordingly. This means focussing on every component and every piece of material involved in our business.


Each component counts
At Grundfos we are very concerned about how we use the materials our pumps are made of. We monitor every process during the development and production of our pumps and pump systems. We also make sure that when a pump is taken out of commission, the parts can be separated and recycled.

Real recycling
Between 90 and 98 % of a typical Grundfos pump can be recycled. These figures illustrate just how much of each component can go directly into "material circulation" when it has been decommissioned. A further 2 to 8% of the pump can then be incinerated and used for heating.

Really nearly there and still improving
Only between 0 - 2.5% of the Grundfos pump cannot be re-used or recycled, because it is not yet technologically possible to recycle it.

Our attitude towards sustainable development is that there is always room for improvement. This has led us create the goal of using 3% less material in any new product, than was used in its predecessor. We have not yet reached this goal for all new products but we are confident that we will. This is vital - both today and tomorrow - when it comes to being responsible.