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The Grundfos group of companies is owned by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

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The foundation's main purpose is to expand and develop the Group, primarily by reinvesting own, realised funds and maintaining the Grundfos Group as an independent company in accordance with the will of its founder.

Pumps for all purposes

Providing the peoples of the world with water is what Grundfos pumps are made for - day in and day out, in an efficient and reliable way. Our pumps provide water for all purposes, including for drinking, irrigation, watering animals, facilitating industrial processes, heating and cooling buildings or handling waste-water.

Grundfos aims to be the first and the absolute best

Grundfos aims to be the world's leading and most successful pump manufacturer. The Group is dedicated to ongoing research in new materials and processes. It is our aim to constantly introduce outstanding new pumps and pumping systems that satisfy the markets' need for effective, reliable, energy-efficient pump solutions.

Quality is a cornerstone of Grundfos. Construction and design of our pumps and pump systems are second to none. We take exceptional care when selecting materials and production methods. We aim to maintain these standards of excellence throughout our company - in the products we produce, the ways we produce them, and in the relationships and environments we are involved in, both inside and outside the walls of our company.

Grundfos is global, but in touch with your local market

Grundfos products are sold and serviced primarily through a network of Grundfos-owned national subsidiary companies. The independent national companies ensure first-hand knowledge of market trends and conditions and provide the best possible service for our customers. Regional production also ensures fast, reliable delivery and the possibility to tailor solutions for local customers.

We invest in employees

The Group's most important resources are our employees, their know-how and their personal commitment. That is why the Group makes substantial investments in education and training, and in the creation of a challenging work environment. The result is creative new products with high utility values and tangible benefits for our customers.