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Sustainability is rooted in our DNA

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grundfos is eup readyGrundfos has been committed to sustainable development since its foundation in 1945.

Today sustainability and corporate social responsibility are totally integral to our business. Our approach involves an ongoing effort to reduce the carbon footprint and improve efficiency for ourselves and our clients.

It also involves a commitment to act, at all times, responsibly, on a human, ethical, economic and environmental level. We believe that innovation, profitable business and sustainability go hand-in-hand. This is embedded in the DNA of Grundfos.

We work with energy optimization

Over the past decades, we have worked consistently to optimize sustainability and corporate social responsibility. For example, since 1970, we have operated with the principle that each new pump must be at least 10% more efficient than its predecessor. In 2005, we were actively involved in the creation of the European energy labelling scheme for residential heating circulators, which made it easier for homeowners throughout Europe to both save money and reduce their environmental impact.

But we also look at the way our business affects people, and aim to improve the ways we work with our employees, customers, suppliers and with the local communities in which we operate. Continuous improvement is our objective in everything we do.

Grundfos has always taken corporate social responsibility seriously. Here are some examples of what we have done

1957: 'Hungary Help'
A charity ball is held to help out a group of Hungarian immigrants to Denmark.

1968: Sheltered workshops
Grundfos founds its first sheltered workshop in Denmark. More will follow.

1970: Efficiency
Introduction of a policy that all new pumps must be at least 10% more efficient than their predecessor.

1990: Code of Conduct
All Grundfos managers sign a code of conduct on how to act in a responsible manner.

1996: ISO 14001 certification
Grundfos achieves the International Environmental Certification ISO 14001. All Grundfos holdings have since earned ISO Certification too.

1999: Internal values
A Code of Ethics is introduced.

2000: OHSAS 18001
Grundfos achieves Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification.

2002: UN Global Compact
Grundfos signs up for the UN Global Compact.

2003: ECO award
The Schleswig-Holstein council in Germany awards Grundfos for its environmental engagement.

2006: Encouraging underprivileged young people
Young people with criminal records are enrolled into Grundfos production facility work programmes.

2006: Health
Grundfos receives the California Fit Business Award.

2008: Footprint Strategy
Strategy is introduced that aims to minimise Grundfos' negative impact on the climate and reduce CO2 emissions.

2010: Sustainable water projects
Launch of the global CSR programme 'Grundfos Brings Water to Life'.