Fitting one of Europe's largest shopping centres with variable speed pumps

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grundfos firesystem dolce vita tejo thumb 1Regarded as one of Europe's largest shopping centres, the Dolce Vita Tejo covers more than one hundred thousand square metres and two spacious areas dedicated to food outlets and entertainment.

The centre, which was opened in May 2009, offers around 300 stores and parking facilities for nine thousand vehicles.

Situated in the municipality of Amadora, the Dolce Vita Tejo boasts the biggest indoor square in Europe, similar in size to Lisbon's Praça dos Restauradores.

Grundfos provided

  • Energy savings
  • Pumps for a wide range of applications
  • Reliability
  • Hard-wearing equipment


The main priorities when selecting the pumping systems for the shopping centre were to guarantee the highest possible levels of comfort and increased energy efficiency. It was for this reason that Grundfos was selected as one of the suppliers, as the equipment Grundfos presented offered the best value for money, explains Bruno Rodrigues of the Electromechanical Installation Department at Pinto & Cruz, part of the group TEJO - J. J. Tomé - Sousa Pedro - Pinto & Cruz, ACE, the organisation responsible for the special water, electricity, air conditioning and security facilities.

The Grundfos solutions installed in the Dolce Vita Tejo serve a range of areas and needs: HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), water supply, fire and waste water. "The aim is to distribute water throughout the building while complying with the design and regulatory requirements, as well as to guarantee users a service with the necessary levels of quality and comfort", he explains.


grundfos hydro dolce vita tejo thumb 1According to the company that performed the installation, the performance of the equipment meets all the requirements. "As a result, we have a functional system whose strengths include energy savings due to the use of speed-variable equipment where consumption can be adjusted when needed. We also must not forget Grundfos' extensive experience in this field, the high quality of the equipment and the specialist technical team, who are able to respond to any situation", he adds.


"To date, I can only say that the drinking water supply pumps, ground water supply for the cooling towers and the irrigation system have worked extremely well, without any fault signals or evidence of performance defects during their intended use.Fortunately we have not been forced to test the fire safety system in practice, however we conducted a few trial runs with excellent results. In general, the equipment supplied by Grundfos has proven to be sturdy and of a high quality, as well as extremely reliable.

With regard to the pumping units linked to the air conditioning system, the excellent performance of the Grundfos pumps provides a sense of confidence and peace of mind. Time spent on corrective maintenance of this equipment is downtime, and the periods in which the equipment is functioning properly therefore equals excellent value for money."

Hugo Prata
Facilities Manager, Dolce Vita Tejo