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The Earth is getting warmer, sea levels are rising and our ecosystem is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Each day we hear new alarming facts and figures about the eco-impact of global energy use. There are many human factors, which add to the urgency. The global population, for example, is growing every day, and the energy needs of current and future generations will simply not be met unless we radically change the way we use energy now. This is why we must aim for energy solutions, which can create CO2 reductions that are both substantial, and immediate.

industrial energy efficiency

A widely available, but primarily unknown solution

One of the greatest opportunities for energy savings lies with pumps. They are present where ever liquid needs to be circulated, cleaned or removed. There is an almost infinite list of pump applications and they require huge amounts of electrical energy to keep them going. Collectively, this means that pumps are responsible for an enormous carbon footprint.

Yet, most pumps currently installed are larger than necessary for the job at hand, often using 60% more energy than they should. In fact, most pump systems are so inefficient that if every business in the world switched their pump system to energy-efficient ones, it would save the same amount of residential electrical energy as 1 billion people use in a year. So it is more than obvious that changing a pump for a more energy-efficient model presents a tremendous opportunity for energy savings.