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Industry building

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Application: Pump system offices and laboratory

Size: Mid-size pharmaceutical company

Reduced energy consumption: 172,416 kWh per year

Energy saving in %: 68.8

Investment: € 118,641.8

Payback time: 3.2 years

Saved money: € 37,046.6 per year

Industry: Brewery

Application: Pump systems for production (Heating, Cooling, Water supply and Water Treatment)

Size: Mid-size brewery. Full process audit done

Reduced energy consumption: 57,136 kWh per year

Energy saving in %: 73.7

Investment: € 31,000

Payback time: 3.5 years

Saved money: € 9,141 per year

Industry: Automotive plant with 6.500 employees

Application: Central cooling system for lubicant supply

Size: Central cooling lubricant supply with a max. circulation volume of 2000 m3/h

Reduced energy consumption: 814,000 kWh per year

Energy saving in %: 36.5

Investment: € 120,500

Payback time: 1.7 years

Saved money: € 74,900 per year

Industry: Steel cables

Application: Cold water pumps

Size: Annual flow capacity at 1.644,785 m3

Reduced energy consumption: 226.200 kWh per year

Energy saving in %: 48,6

Investment: € 56,600

Payback time: 2,3 years (28 months)

Saved money: € 23,750,00 per year

Industry: Engine restoration plant

Country: Germany

Application: Pump systems for heating and water supply

Size: Annual capacity for restoration of 200 trains

Reduced energy consumption: 79,000 kWh per year

Energy saving in %: 64

Investment: € 18,000

Payback time: 2.6 years (27,5 months)

Saved money: € 8,000 per year

Please note that any case featured above is to be seen as a best practice example, based on particular conditions for a specific installation environment. Therefore, it does not reflect the general savings potential of all applications or building types of this kind.