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As the world's best-selling circulator for domestic buildings, with over 3 million currently installed worldwide, our customers know that when it comes to domestic pumps, ALPHA2 equals unbeatable reliability.

Based on the renowned technology and innovations of previous ALPHA2 models, our NEW ALPHA2 circulator is the next generation in a proud history of Grundfos products, which have been proven to meet even the toughest demands.

Reliability is the keyword of the NEW ALPHA2. It has been fine-tuned from the inside out with ground-breaking technologies unique to Grundfos, a built-in flow meter, a redesigned advanced hydraulics system, Grundfos Blueflux® motor technology - along with all the features that make ALPHA2 the preferred choice for installers worldwide, including our tried and tested AUTOADAPT intelligent control mode.



The MAGNA3 is a masterpiece of technological innovation, with an incredible range suited to fit every system perfectly. If you demand unbeatable efficiency (Grundfos Blueflux® motor), system control, intelligence, and reliability there is only one solution on the market - the MAGNA3.

With more than 150 different single and twin circulators in cast iron or stainless steel, the right size pump is guaranteed for every installation. Together, an increased maximum head of 18 m and maximum flow of 70 m3/h, and temperature ranges from -10°C up to +110°C, combine to make the MAGNA3 a truly full-range commercial pump - with guaranteed hassle-free installation.