Radisson Blu Lisbon makes radical savings with state-of-the- art Grundfos technology

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Radisson Blu Lisbon covers an area of 23,000 m2 with 221 rooms and an annual water consumption of 28,105.00 m3. Their water pump system was under-performing, wasting energy and costing too much money. Grundfos was employed to make a calculation of future savings on a replacement pumping system including a full evaluation of the entire building and its pump system.

Grundfos suggested replacing the three obsolete pumps with one state-of-the-art Hydro Booster MPC-E system. This pump ensures that flow and pressure adapt to demand for reliable water supply to all 221 rooms in the hotel, meaning greater energy efficiency and financial savings.

The new solution uses just 0,66 kWh to raise 1 metre of water compared to the old system, which used 3,25 kWh to raise the same amount of water. That is a massive 80% saving. The guest experience in the hotel is also optimised thanks to minimal noise emissions and constant pressure control.