Regulated pumps and accurate analysis yield greater energy efficiency

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The Salem Hospital in Evang, Germany discovered to their benefit how accurate measurement data leads to installation of the most efficient pumping system.

Salem Hospital 1

This German hospital was able to cut its energy consumption by a staggering 70-80%. 


The Salem Hospital had to consider replacing outdated heating circulation, industrial water circulation and refrigeration systems. Grundfos technical services were consulted by the contractor, regarding the originally planned 1:1 exchange of the old system. 


The pumps were at first going to be replaced with energy-efficient regulated pumps of the same capacity. However, Grundfos was able to offer a life cycle cost (LCC) analysis, which enables accurate and appropriate decisions regarding the pump specifications, thus avoiding in-efficient oversizing. The delivery rates and height of the flow rate in the system was measured by sending an ultrasonic beam through the pipe and back again. The result being that in most cases the current pumps were far too big, meaning it would be a mistake to replace them with pumps of equal size. 


Following the installation of the pumps the hospital experienced reduced energy consumption through greater pump efficiency. In effect Grundfos tailored the solution to the specific requirements of the task. For example, the maternity unit heating system had been using pumps consuming between 230 and 420W whereas in actual fact with the Grundfos MAGNA 25-100 which was installed the same delivery performance was achieved using just 80 W. All in all Grundfos' LCC analysis showed a reduction in energy costs in the area of 70-80%.