Grundfos MTS screw pump cuts daily energy consumption by over half for KIA Motors

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One Kia Motors facility in Korea was able to reduce its pumping system's energy consumption by 60%.


An inefficient and inappropriate pumping system was slowing down production and forcing up repair costs at KIA Motors in Hwaseong, Korea. The problem was not only poor performance from their existing pumps but also the use of a fixed-speed motor supplying a constant flow of emulsion regardless of the task at hand and its required pressure. 


A Grundfos MTS screw pump along with a CUE frequency converter was recommended as a more reliable solution that would save money in the long run. The MTS screw pump has an integrated frequency converter which affects flow rate and rotation speed. It can reduce bypass flow and potentially eliminate flushing flow and has an adjustable pumping speed. Following consultation with KIA Motors, Grundfos implemented a field test to try out their recommendation.


The results were astounding, 

"With the integrated frequency converter, the MTS cut the flow rate and rotation speed in half"

Says, Wonjae Kim, Industry Sales Engineer, Grundfos Korea

This cut in flow rate meant that the Grundfos MTS could maintain a higher pressure than the previous pump while only operating at 49% pump speed (about 30Hz). Operational noise was reduced and strikingly, power consumption was reduced by 60%. The previous pump used 110 kWh/day, whereas the Grundfos MTS used 45 kWh/day. Operator of Kia Motors, Il Pyo Hong was delighted with the results,

"We have witnessed a remarkable performance. This system will help us to save on the operation cost."

All in all, a winning solution for KIA motors.