Lower energy costs in a high demand environment

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EURAWASSER provides drinking water and sewage disposal for around 800,000 people in eastern Germany and the Rheingau region.

Grundfos provided

  • 60% greater pump efficiency and reduced energy costs
  • A life cycle cost analysis
  • 3 high pressure CR pumps, 2 well pumps


Improved efficiency at one of its facilities by 60%.


lower energy small 2Water supply facilities typically have exceptionally high energy demands - and with energy prices continuing to rise, EURAWASSER is always seeking new ways to reduce energy consumption in its many facilities.




EURAWASSER commissioned Grundfos to perform a life cycle cost (LCC) analysis at its Lübzin plant. The goal was to identify where energy savings could be made in a cost-efficient way.

The Grundfos service team analysed the site's water pumps then, using evaluation software, compared the pumps' performance to those possible with  newer models. They found the existing pumps were suffering from wear and tear, which increased impeller clearance and took a toll on overall efficiency.

The service team suggested replacing the pumps with three clean water high pressure pumps from the CR range and two well pumps from the SP range.


Installing the new pumps has created annual energy savings of 11,376 kWh. This equates to annual operating savings of €1,593/year and up to 60% greater pump efficiency. This means EURAWASSER's investment will be paid back within four years. Not surprisingly, EURAWASSER intends to perform LCC analyses at its other sites.