Saving energy from the ground up

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Vitens is The Netherlands' largest drinking water supplier, distributing 350 million m3 of water per year to 5.4 million customers along a 47,500 km distribution network. The company has committed itself to reducing its energy consumption by 20% over the next 10 years.

Grundfos provided

  • Pump Audit
  • Well Field Energy Audit
  • 7 SP125 pumps, 7 motor protection MP 204 units and a Grundfos Remote Management PC program


vitens small 2Vitens suspected that the pumps in its Loosdrecht plant were using too much energy. Grundfos had already enabled the company to reduce the energy consumption of the filtration pumps at another site by 41%, so Vitens commissioned Grundfos to conduct a Pump Audit at Loosdrecht.


The Grundfos Pump Audit entailed a full check of the plant's filtration pump system and general energy use. Grundfos also employed its newest energy-measuring tool, the Well Field Energy Audit (WFEA), which collects data and calculates energy usage in groundwater installations.

The audit revealed that although Loosdrecht's energy use was already low, the submersible pumps were too big for the job. This meant they generated too much flow, which required the pit valves to compensate, using extra energy in the process. The solution lay in new, properly sized pumps in the form of seven Grundfos SP125 submersible pumps.


The new pumps use 21% less energy, which equates to 55,000 kWh saved every year.