Taking the pressure off water wastage

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Dunea supplies drinking water to approximately 1.2 million clients in the south west of The Netherlands.

Grundfos provided

  • Complete booster station design proposal and components, including a Demand Driven Distribution pressure management system
  • 3 NB pumps (100-315/334, 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz) with a 30 kW EFF1 motor. A pump control (MPC-E 3 - 30) and 3 frequency converters (CUE 30 kW).


dunea small 2Dunea needed to build a new boosting station with an unconventional capacity range. The now completed installation, named Booster Hillegom, normally operates at between 80 - 300 m3/h with heads from 22 mwc up to 36 mwc. The average capacity requirement for the station is 140 m3/h at 23 mwc; but in cases of emergencies the booster station is required to supply 700 m3/h at 36 mwc.Dunea invited five pump suppliers to propose water distribution installations capable of meeting their unusual needs. They would eventually go with Grundfos with work beginning in 2010.


Grundfos was able to supply the complete booster station, including the concrete pit and electrical work. The new station is based on Grundfos' unique Demand Driven Distribution pressure management system, in which water wastage and maintenance are reduced by ensuring the system maintains only the pressure needed to answer the actual demand.


Aside from being a low maintenance solution that fulfils the very specific parameters, the new installation is highly efficient. As Dunea Distribution Specialist Rob de Jong puts it: "The Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution pressure management system fits exactly into Dunea's Policy Intention for 2015: With its inherent features, Demand Driven Distribution represents the most responsible way to use energy in our systems - and gives us the means to monitor this."